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TJB-500 Infrared Automatic Bridge Type Edge Cutting Machine

1. Cross beam is the main part of the machine. Spindle box frequently moves horizontally on it. The accuracy of horizontal movement is ensured by the cross beam to complete the cutting of stone length, which require the guide way with good guidance quality and stability, and no creeping or abnormal vibration.

2. The machine is suitable for cutting granite and marble slab, with many advantages such as rational construction, steady movement, high accuracy, convenient installation and maintenance. Compared with similar products, the advantages are obvious.

3. The machine is automatically controlled by PLC (or manually controlled). The cutting size is input via computer terminal. Users can set the quantity, processing thickness, cutting thickness and feeding speed according to requirements. It is equipped with infrared tool setting gauge, to accurately adjust the cutting size. The crosswise feeding speed and spindle speed is controlled by frequency converter. Users can adjust it as per requirements. Worktable rotation is 0-90°, and table tilting is 0-85°.Once all the parameters are well set, it is not necessary to have workers watching on machine. It will automatically stop until it finishes the cutting. It is an ideal automation equipment of stone thin plate cutting machine.


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